I have decided I want to have treatment. What happens in the consultation room?

Zoë will take a detailed history of your general health and main complaint, to get a full understanding of the issues at hand. Do not be alarmed if some of the questions appear unrelated to your complaint! The questions asked are all relevant, and help Zoë to build a proper picture as to what is going on.

She will also look at your tongue and take your pulses (there are 3 basic pulse positions at each wrist) as this provides a lot of relevant diagnostic information.

So, now that I’ve poked my tongue out, and answered some weird questions, what happens next?”

After drawing up a treatment plan, Zoë will insert very fine, single use, pre-sterilised needles into the skin at specific acupuncture points, anywhere from your head to your toes. Some of them may be left in for up to 15 minutes, others may be inserted and removed quickly.

That doesn’t sound very pleasant. Does it hurt?

In a word, no!

The needles used are incredibly high quality, fine and bendy, not at all like the ones you see in a doctor’s surgery. You can expect to feel a dull ache, which is proof the acupuncture is doing its stuff.

So, what else might you do during treatment?

Well, it depends on your main complaint but other methods of treatment might include:

Cupping: Remember Gwyneth Paltrow walking down the red carpet with those funny round marks on her back? That’s cupping. In essence, it’s a brilliant treatment to bring out any tension in the body. It will make you feel really relaxed. Just don’t go to any black tie do’s in a backless dress for a few days. Or do, if you want to create a stir.

Guasha: Using a special tool, the point of Guasha is to increase blood flow and release any tension. Ideal for tight shoulders, but again, avoid the backless dresses.

Moxibustion: Heat is applied to specific acupuncture points, or a whole row of acupuncture points (called a meridian) to warm the person. Did you know it can also be applied to the little toe of a pregnant lady, to turn a breech baby? Interesting stuff.

Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture: Used to calm a person, as well as for the treatment of addiction. So, if you fancy giving up smoking, and are ready to do so, come and get some support with us. You can purchase AcuPips directly here.

That all sounds like a lot! How long will I be in an appointment for?

Initial appointments last one hour, and include taking a detailed history and a first treatment.

Subsequent appointments last around 35 minutes.

And what can I expect after treatment?

We advise that you book a minimum of 4 treatments, so you can really start to see the benefits of acupuncture.

Many people report feeling relaxed and calm after treatment.

Ready to book or just want to know more?